From the Plattsburg Sentinel - 1903

A Russian's Sad Trial at Saranac Lake

With the body of his seventeen year-old bride lying in the morgue at Saranac Lake, his money all gone and remittances overdue, Useveled Petrevitch Ivanoff of St. Petersburg, a Russian mining engineer, has just undergone one of the most pitiful experiences that the world offers to true lovers. The two were married about three months ago and sailed for America. During the voyage the bride, who was Helen Nickelayoff of St. Petersburg, became ill.

A physician detected signs of tuberculosis, and directed that she go to Saranac Lake for her health. Ivanoff arrived at Saranac Lake about six weeks ago, staying at hotels and later at a cottage. The expenses of a nurse and attendants drew on Ivanoff's funds, and he wrote to friends for assistance.

Finally the young wife died, and her body was taken to the morgue. There it lay for eleven days, because Ivanoff expected funds and would not allow the village authorities to place his bride in potter's field. His grief bordered on frenzy as he visited the post office, hoping against hope for assistance.

He finally wrote the Russian Consul, and after a day's investigation, funds were provided by the congregation, of the Russian church of St. Nicholas of New York, whose pastor is Rev. Illia Zoftkoff. That church raised $115, and the remains were taken to New York and the funeral held from that church.


Honeymoon Ends in Jail.

U. P. Ivanoff, the Russian who was stranded at Saranac Lake several weeks during his honeymoon and whose wife's body lay in the morgue twelve days, is back in that village in jail. A Russian church in New York sent him money enough to take his wife to New York and bury her there, and he was allowed to accompany the remains upon his promise to return.

He was kept under surveillance in New York, but succeeded in getting away one morning and tried to escape to his own country without paying his indebtedness at Saranac Lake, which amounts to about $250 for board. An officer brought him back Saturday.