--From the Adirondack Record-1918--

Few people are aware of the fact that at Saranac Lake there is a plant in operation where flying machines are being manufactured for the use of the war department in the present war, two of the machines being shipped from that village this week. The manufacturers of the machines are Palmer & Simpson, and they have two factories in operation at the Adirondack metropolis, and are now giving employment to over one hundred men.

The factories are being run day and night, the men working in eight hour shifts. The capacity of the shops will be increased as rapidly as skilled workmen can be secured. The principal factory is located in the building formerly used by Martin, the famous Adirondack skiff builder, and it is equipped with the latest machinery.

The air craft is completed to the smallest detail at these factories, and before shipment are carefully inspected by representatives of the government. The product of these factories is given preference over all other goods in their shipment by rail from Saranac Lake.