Lindahl Agda Miss Female 3rd class 25 Lost Sweden Southampton "She was from Stockholm and was travelling to Saranac Lake, NY. "
Lindblom Augusta Miss Female 3rd class 45 Lost Sweden Southampton "She was from Stockholm and was travelling to Saranac Lake, NY. "

Miss Agda Thorilda Viktoria Lindahl

Miss Agda V. Lindahl, 25, lived in New York and worked as a waitress for a rich family. Her mother Hanna Lindahl lived at 20 Woodruff St. (note: 20 Marshall Street also mentioned in newspaper article) Saranac Lake Franklin, New York.

Age: 25 years
Last Residence: in Stockholm Uppland Sweden
3rd Class passenger
First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 347071 , £7 15s 6d
Destination: Saranac Lake New York United States
Died in the sinking.
Body Not Recovered


Agda Lindahl was born in Sweden and had emigrated with her family around 1905. She had five siblings: Gustaf, Helge, Hugo, Vera and Vilma. The family had owned a tailor shop on Kommendörsgatan 16, Stockholm, Sweden. In 1904 the father died. Investigations into his estate revealed that the business had been failing. Broke, the mother Hanna decided to emigrate with her children except 2 years old Helge who was left with an aunt in Småland. In USA both Hugo and Gustaf got sick and died at a fairly young age.

In 1912 Agda had been visiting her uncle August Lindahl, Apelbergsgatan 34, Stockholm and lived there for some three months, but the main reason was to bring back the son Helge. However, he refused to travel and Agda had to return alone. Agda, who was unmarried, boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a third class passenger , she was on her way from Stockholm to join her mother in Saranac Lake, although, according to the White Star list she was going to Alfred Johnson 421 East Carlisle Ave. Spokane, Washington.

She died in the sinking, her body, if recovered, was never identified.

The Mansion House Fund paid 875.52 Kr (£48) to the mother and the brother Helge in Sweden. Payments were arranged through the Swedish consulate in New York. Damage claims arranged through American lawyers, no info of sums available.